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Local Concrete Contractors in Gastonia

While there are multiple providers of concrete services in Gastonia, North Carolina, there aren’t enough to provide you with the long-lasting satisfaction you desire. Regardless, having a site that needs repair or cemented is out of your control. Or rather, has your front yard been knocked over and you need it cemented it? Even more, do you have some bricks and stones that you want to be installed? Consider hiring professionals for your concrete projects. Gastonia Concrete Services will not only work on the specified project but also help you identify other areas that should be repaired as well.

Concrete Services We Perform

We aren’t a company that does one job and nothing more. We offer commercial and residential concrete services. Some of the work we perform includes:

  • Flatwork and driveway installation and repair
  • New patios and deck installation or repair
  • Garage slab installation
  • Foundation work
  • Other general concrete services, repair, and preventive maintenance.

No matter which one of these, or other concrete service needs you have as a local customer in Gastonia, we’re here to assist you in creating the most gorgeous driveway and home entryway imaginable.

Concrete for Businesses

If you have never thought of parking accessories and would like to know how to get a professional look that impresses your customers and clients, know that most of these accessories are affordable and can have a big impact. Do you have faded roads and hard-to-read directions on the sidewalk? Do you need information about speed variations in parking areas, but you’re not sure whether it is best to attach hand-painted signs or instructions to the floor itself? These are simple things you can do with the right parking accessories.

Concrete Foundation Work in Gastonia

As with any type of structure, it is important to provide a solid, flat and square base, otherwise, your structure will become unstable and deteriorate rapidly. If you take the time to do your project correctly with the right planning, it will take many years. Here, you will find some of the methods used to build a scale foundation, such as concrete slabs, pillars and beams, and treated wood corridors.

Driveway Repair

Does your current driveway need professional attention? Driveways can acquire damage due to poor construction, weather, or naturally shifting ground. The repair of your pavement is a cost-efficient option that allows us to fill cracks, holes, or other crevices.

Learn more about our common repair approaches:

  • Replacement – We’ll replace the entire slab in the most extreme of cases.
  • Engraving – We’ll engrain grout lines to cover minor surface damage.
  • Recoloring – We’ll give your driveway a uniform color to get rid of unsightly stains.
  • Slab jacking – We’ll pump sand, cement, or other materials to restore a level surface.

Concrete Additions in Gastonia

The availability of professional services like landscape designing, swimming pool installation services, concrete patio installation services, and more such agencies make the designing and planning of the outdoor area of the property effortless and convenient. The best way to find any service or service provider in a developed city like Gastonia, NC. is obviously the online search method. Not only is this method convenient but it is also faster than the other traditional search methods like browsing the local yellow pages or calling any telephone inquiry service but it also avails the most accurate and recent information.

Get in Touch

Don’t hesitate to call us for your free service quote. We’re available at 980-291-9374 to discuss residential or commercial concrete work, to discuss the installation of new materials, or to otherwise discuss how we can do cracked cement repair work outside of your home. Let us provide you with a free quote and give you the best local pricing and guarantees, for your cement and concrete service needs in Gastonia.